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The ethics policy

As a signatory of the Diversity Charter, Club Méditerranée is strongly aware of issues relating to the promotion of diversity and prevention of discrimination.


Characterised by its culture of open-mindedness and tolerance and in view of the countries it is located, the Club favours pluralism of origins and seeks diversity in its teams. This "cultural cross-fertilisation" is a key element that has always, and now more than ever, built our culture and corporate identity. More than 100 different nationalities are represented within the 75 villages of Club Méditerranée worldwide.

Mission Handicap

The creation of Mission Handicap in 2007 allowed us to adapt recruitment and integration processes to disabled persons within the company, set up follow-up of employees stating themselves as disabled and adapt workstations in terms of equipment and times to those persons.

Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

By signing the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, Club Med reasserts its commitment for a sustainable tourism.
Discover the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism on OMT website or download it here.

Our main HR agreements

  • 2004

Signature of the Diversity Charter.

Club Méditerrranée was one of the first signatories.

  • 2007
Signature of a collective agreement in favour of the employment of disabled employees.

Creation of Mission Handicap at Club Méditerranée.

  • 2007-2009
Participation in the AVERROES project. Club Med was one of the first companies in France to launch a large-scale statistical survey on risks of discrimination within the framework of recruitment and career management procedures.

The results of this survey were made public in late 2009.

  • 2009
Signature of a collective agreement in favour of the employment of seniors.

Agreement on Jobs and Career Planning and Management.

  • 2010
Signature of a second collective agreement in favour of the employment of disabled employees.

Integration of the Diversity project in the Magellan corporate strategic project.

  • 2012
Signature of the collective agreement on professional gender equality.
This agreement, which aims to move the principle of equality in professional relationships forward and to enable everyone to carry out their family responsibilities, focuses on three areas of action: recruitment, promotion and the balance between professional and personal life.
  • 2013
Signature of a third collective agreement for the employment of disabled workers.
This agreement regulates the measures of recruitment and retention in the employment of disabled workers."




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